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Residents of North Phulbari Panchayat in Kadamtala block initiate road repair effort amidst controversy


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 19: In an unprecedented turn of events, the residents of Ward No. 6 in Kadamtala Block, North Phulbari Panchayat, have embarked on a mission to repair their deteriorating road infrastructure after claims surfaced that their local Village Head, Sussan Zamana Hanif Uddin, allegedly denied them road renovations due to their political affiliation.

Approximately 1000 families inhabit this area, and their plea for road improvements had gone unanswered for half a decade, prompting them to take matters into their own hands. Their initiative began on a Saturday morning when they pooled resources and procured the necessary materials, including bricks, sand, and chips, to restore the 120-foot road.

Tensions escalated as villagers expressed their extreme frustration towards Village Head Hanif Uddin, arguing that public representatives should prioritize the welfare of the community over political considerations. This incident has brought to light concerns that even basic infrastructure projects can be influenced by political affiliations.

The situation raises questions about the state of governance in the region, as residents are left to tackle essential community projects independently. The villagers’ actions underscore their determination to address long-standing grievances, even in the absence of official support.

The controversy surrounding the denial of road reform based on political allegiances has ignited a debate on the responsibilities of elected officials and the need for unbiased, community-centric governance in the area.

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