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Sakhicharan School Students Block Road Protesting Illegal Parking


BY  TC News Desk

Agartala: August 01. The students of Sakhicharan School took matters into their own hands on Tuesday as they blocked the road in front of their school, demanding an end to illegal parking by transport vehicles that has been causing problems in their daily commute for several years.

Local traders have been repeatedly informed about the issue, but no action was taken, leading to the students’ protest.

The situation escalated when the students’ blockade caught the attention of traffic department officials, who rushed to the spot to address the issue. They assured the students that they would take immediate action to prevent motorists from parking in front of the school gate starting from Wednesday.

One concerned parent expressed frustration, stating that the students have been facing transportation difficulties due to illegal parking for an extended period, but the traffic workers did not pay any attention until now. The lack of action from the authorities raised questions among the public about the inefficiency of the concerned department.

The school management committee also came under fire as parents expressed extreme anger towards their perceived inaction in resolving the matter earlier. Parents believe that the committee should have taken measures to engage in dialogue with the local businessmen to find a solution.

In response to the student protest and mounting pressure from the public, the traffic officials promised to make the area traffic-free to ensure the safety and convenience of the students. However, the incident has sparked debates about the effectiveness of the school management committee and their responsibilities.

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