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Security concerns mount as residents of Sarkar Tilla accuses police for deteriorating Law and Order at Bishalgarh


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, December 07: Bishalgarh is grappling with a rising tide of discontent as the people of Sarkar Tilla express deep concern over the deteriorating law and order in their vicinity. Allegations have surfaced following a recent robbery incident in Bishalgarh Bypass, with locals accusing the police of targeting innocent civilians, framing them in false cases, and compromising the integrity of the legal process to preserve their reputation.

The controversy came to limelight on Thursday when an individual named Bidyut Sarkar was brought to the police station with his hands and feet bound, sparking outrage among the community. The locals, perturbed by this incident, gathered outside the Bishalgarh police station to demand the release of another individual, Shubhankar, and voiced serious complaints regarding the conduct of law enforcement.

Residents claim that incidents of theft and robbery have been on the rise in Bishalgarh Bypass for several months. However, instead of apprehending the perpetrators, the police allegedly resort to framing individuals with drug-related charges. In the case of Bidyut Sarkar, locals contend that he was unjustly arrested, further fueling tensions in the area.

The community accuses the police of adopting a passive role in addressing the security concerns of Bishalgarh Bypass, especially in the aftermath of recent robberies. Bidyut Sarkar, identified as a key player in these incidents, has been named in a police case, but concerns persist as the police appear hesitant to apprehend others involved.

Residents have taken matters into their own hands, resorting to unconventional means, such as tying the hands and feet of the accused, to compel the police to take swift legal action. Reports suggest a lack of regular police patrolling in the area, contributing to an environment of fear and insecurity.

Amidst growing discontent, local MLA expressed a loss of faith in the police during a recent speech and encouraged residents to contact him directly if they witness any anti-social behaviour. Continuous complaints about the bypass have been directed at Police, but concerns persist regarding the safety and security of the common people in Bishalgarh. The situation prompts questions about the state of governance in Bishalgarh and raises uncertainties about the protection of its residents.

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