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Shocking act of barbarity unfolds in Belonia: Young woman subjected to medieval brutality


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 19: In a shocking incident on Saturday morning, a young woman endured a horrifying ordeal reminiscent of medieval brutality at the hands of villagers. The incident unfolded in Munda Basti, Ishan Chandra Nagar, under Belonia sub-division.

This harrowing event is believed to have been triggered by an extramarital affair involving the young woman and a married man. It all came to light when the young woman’s sister-in-law discovered their secret relationship and informed her brother. Astonishingly, the brother initially doubted his sister’s involvement and even resorted to mistreating his own wife, accusing her of falsely slandering his sister.

However, the truth couldn’t stay hidden for long. On that fateful morning, the young woman was caught red-handed, and local residents also became aware of the situation. The young man attempted to flee upon being apprehended, but vigilant villagers managed to detain him.

The swift spread of the news prompted both the girl’s and the young man’s families to rush to the scene. The Belonia police station was notified, and they intervened to resolve the situation by taking both individuals to the station. However, complications arose as the young woman’s family demanded a substantial sum of money from the young man’s family, who adamantly refused to comply.

The situation eventually escalated, warranting police intervention once again. Most notably, the manner in which the young woman’s mother-in-law subjected them both to physical abuse while they were tied to an electric pole is deeply reprehensible.

This incident has stirred outrage among the local community, with calls for stringent action against such medieval-like barbarism. It’s a stark reminder that the rule of law prevails in our country, and every citizen is entitled to protection under it. No one should endure the cruel and inhumane treatment of being tied to a pole and subjected to violence.

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