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State’s electricity services collapse sparks protests, CPIM demands answers from BJP government


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 31, 2023: A protest led by activists of CPIM was staged on Monday in front of the TSECL’s office in Bhuturia here, demanding accountability from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government over the state’s collapsing electricity infrastructure and services.

Under the guidance of CPIM leader Amal Chakraborty, demonstrators voiced their concerns about the state’s power crisis. Chakraborty pointed out that since the current BJP government assumed office in 2018, the electricity service in the state has remained inadequate.

“The electricity service has deteriorated to an unbearable state,” Chakraborty proclaimed, highlighting the alarming frequency of loadshedding, which occurs four to five times a day. However, when questioned about the outages, Power minister Ratanlal Nath dismissed them as power cuts, a stance that the public vehemently rejects.

“People want a reliable electricity service, not just excuses,” Chakraborty asserted, as the protest aimed to put pressure on the government to address the critical situation.

During the demonstration, Chakraborty openly criticized the government for attempting to increase electricity tariffs despite its inability to provide uninterrupted power. He accused the “double engine government” of clandestinely raising tariffs, leading to sleepless nights for citizens.

Adding to the concerns, Chakraborty stated, “The Government of India has made the decision to completely privatize the electricity corporation, and the state government appears to be in agreement.” This development has sparked fears among the public about the future of electricity services in the state.

Moreover, the protest reflected the growing disillusionment with the BJP government, as Chakraborty revealed that the party lost 11 percent of votes in the last assembly elections. He further alleged that the government is resorting to misleading tactics to sway public opinion.

Before the protest program, the left-wing organized a rally to mobilize support against the government’s alleged conspiracy to privatize the electricity corporation.

The demonstrators passionately called for immediate action to address the electricity crisis, appealing to the authorities to prioritize the needs of the citizens and find a sustainable solution to the ongoing power problems.

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