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Students blockade road protesting traffic congestion in front of school in city


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 14th December 2023 :  In a dramatic turn of events today, students from Sakhicharan School in Agartala protested against the persistent issue of illegal parking by goods transport vehicles in front of their school. The unauthorized parking had been causing immense inconvenience to students and had led to a tense situation on Thursday morning.

The ongoing problem of goods lorries loading and unloading illegally in a row near Sakhicharan School reached a boiling point on Thursday as students decided to take matters into their own hands. Frustrated with the continuous disruption to their daily commute, the students blocked the road in front of the school, sparking tension in the area.

Parents, expressing their concerns, lamented that despite the longstanding issue, the traffic police had remained passive, seemingly ignoring the problem. This is not the first time students have resorted to blocking the road to bring attention to the matter, but the problem persisted.

This morning, as students staged a road blockade, traffic police officials swiftly responded to the scene. Assuring immediate action, they pledged that no vehicles would be allowed to stand in front of the school starting from the next day. The students, content with this assurance, decided to withdraw the blockade.

With the students’ protest achieving the desired outcome, it appears that the issue of illegal parking in front of Sakhicharan School will be addressed. The traffic police have committed to enforcing measures to prevent goods transport vehicles from causing further disruptions.

Parents and students hope that this resolution will bring a lasting solution to the problem and ensure the smooth and safe commute for students attending Sakhicharan School. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of community action in addressing local issues and holding authorities accountable.

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