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Students hold protest against transfer of teacher


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 23rd November 2023:    In a compelling display of frustration and determination, students from Manirampur Higher Secondary School in the Rishyamukh block took to the streets today, protesting the recent transfer of teachers and demanding urgent measures to address the chronic teacher shortage plaguing their education.

For an extended period, the school has grappled with a severe shortage of educators, leading to significant delays in academic progress. The culmination of this crisis prompted students to abandon their classrooms, joining forces in a road blockade to draw attention to their plight.

Parents and members of the school management committee rallied alongside the students, fortifying the road blockade along Rishyamukh Via Jolaibari road adjacent to Manirampur Bazar, effectively bringing traffic to a halt around noon. The impassioned demonstration sought to shed light on the adverse impact of teacher transfers on the already struggling education system in remote areas.

The situation attracted the attention of the school inspector, who promptly arrived at the scene to engage with the protesters. The focal point of the demonstrators’ grievances was the transfer order affecting a crucial teacher, and they fervently appealed for its cancellation.

In a bid to quell the unrest, the school inspector committed to addressing the issue by liaising with officials from the school education department. The assurance provided a glimmer of hope, prompting the students to relent and lift the road blockade. As a result, vehicular movement gradually returned to normalcy.

While the immediate crisis appears to have abated, the efficacy of the assurances given remains uncertain.

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