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Friday, December 1, 2023

Subal Kumar Dey highlighted importance of blood donation and body donation


BY TC  News Desk

Agartala, June 24, 2023: A blood donation camp was organized by Sat Bhavna on Chittaranjan Road adjacent to MBB Club in the capital city on Saturday. The blood donation camp was inaugurated on this day by Subal Kumar Dey, editor of Syandan Patrika.

Auspiciously inaugurating the blood donation camp, Dey said that the enthusiasm of blood donation has increased among the people of the state recently on the invitation of the Chief Minister because people need blood to survive. But people on Earth have not been able to create blood substitutes for thousands of years.

He also said that no donation can be greater than giving life to people by donating blood. But besides blood donation, everyone should come forward for body donation because one dead body benefits 50 people. Especially in organ donation, many people get vital organs like eyes and kidneys back. Its number is very less in our country. Only 0.1 percent of people donate their bodies after death. Therefore, posthumous donation should be given importance to everyone.

He also said that medical students are needed as a result of body donation. Otherwise they will not be able to study medicine. Therefore, he called upon people from all walks of life, including social organizations like Shat Bhavana, to come forward to make them aware of post-mortem body donation.

Editor of Syandan Patrika Dey said about posthumous body donation. So if it benefits people than doing charity then nothing can be greater than that. So he urged everyone to commit to post-mortem body donation. Later he visited the blood donation camp and encouraged blood donors.

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