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Three-day stage show by ‘Kalamandal’ inaugurated in its 38th year at Dharmanagar


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 31st May 2024:   The vibrant cultural community of Dharmanagar witnessed the grand inauguration of the 38th anniversary of the three-day stage show by ‘Kalamandal’. The event took place at the Vivekananda Swardha Satabrshi Bhavan at 6 PM on Thursday evening, marking yet another milestone in the institution’s rich history of artistic contributions.

The Vice-Chairman of the Tripura State Cultural Advisory Committee Subrata Chakraborty presided over the inauguration. “Reaching the 38th year is no small feat,” he remarked, lauding Kalamandal for its enduring legacy and significant contributions to the cultural fabric of the region.

The ceremony saw an impressive lineup of distinguished guests, including the eminent cultural personality Samar Chakraborty as the chief guest. “Kalamandal has been a cradle for numerous artists in Dharmanagar and Tripura,” he stated. “Many artists nurtured here have established themselves in various fields, contributing richly to our cultural heritage.”

Among the special guests were Deputy Director of School Education Sukhamoy Nath, Dr. Dilip Das, Subir Som, Prashenjit Chakraborty, and renowned Kathak Dance Instructors Pandit Kishan Mohan Maharaj from Delhi, Meenu Garu, and ‘Esraj’ artist Arun Maiti from Santiniketan. The event was presided over by Santosh Sutradhar.

The evening began with a devotional rendition of Saraswati Vandana, setting a serene and auspicious tone. This was followed by a series of captivating performances. Young dancers enthralled the audience with a collective dance. The folk dance workshop artists showcased a series of ensemble dances, illustrating the rich diversity of regional traditions.

Kalamandal’s senior artists took to the stage with a collective Kathak performance titled ‘Nutanrang,’ which was met with thunderous applause. A solo musical performance by Soma Deb Sutradhar also captivated the audience, showcasing her vocal prowess and emotive delivery.

Dr. Prasita Ghosh presented a poignant monologue dance that won the hearts of the audience, highlighting her exceptional talent and expressive choreography. The evening culminated in the dance drama ‘Shyama,’ featuring Sangeetha Das as Shyama and Gautham Das as Vajrasena, both delivering powerful performances. Other notable performers included Priya Gupta, Akumika De, Somadev Sutradhar, Vajrasen Biswajit Datta, Shubhra Sutradhar, Akash Saha, and Subhankari Sool, who all contributed to the musical ensemble.

The artistic direction of the dance pieces was helmed by dance guru Joba Ghosh Sutradhar, while the musical direction was overseen by Somadev Sutradhar. The musical accompaniment featured Ashok Nath on the tabla, adding rhythmic depth to the performances.

The event marked a triumphant celebration of Kalamandal’s enduring legacy and its continuous contribution to the cultural enrichment of Tripura.

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