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TIPRA, Congress and CPIM leaders chairs meeting ahead of by-polls in Boxanagar & Dhanpur


By TC News Desk

Agartala, August 12: The upcoming by-elections in the assembly constituencies of Boxanagar and Dhanpur pose a challenge for the ruling party due to the strategic moves made by opposition parties. The opposition has already taken significant steps to seize the advantage. Despite the 2023 assembly election being discreetly contested, the intensity of that contest has waned in just six months. In a display of strength prior to the assembly elections, TIPRA Motha emerged as a powerful force within the main opposition party. However, saffron camp’s assurances have lost their impact within this short span.

The promise of ‘Greater Tipraland’ was renounced, and Motha MLA Animesh Debbarma, along with Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman and CPIM MLA Jitendra Chowdhury, gathered for a meeting to join the by-election after abandoning this aspiration. The meeting took place on Saturday at the Legislative Assembly. Tipra Matha, which emerged recently, initially aimed for victory in the assembly election but has now turned to the opposition after facing disappointment in the assembly. Despite the strong presence of the Left in the Boxanagar and Dhanpur constituencies, recent developments suggest a potential shift.

Dhanpur had remained under leftist control for a quarter-century, with Manik Sarkar securing numerous victories. However, the Left lost this stronghold ahead of the 2023 assembly elections, and Pratima Bhoumik triumphed over Kaushik Chand. Notably, Tipra Matha played a role in Pratima Bhoumik’s win by diverting around 8000 votes in her favor. Her subsequent resignation from the MLA position, under party directives, allowed her to take on the role of Union Minister of State. This move potentially opens a path for a united opposition.

In Boxanagar, Samsul Haque, who won the 2023 election, passed away within six months, leading to a vacant seat and a challenging scenario for the ruling party. Opposition leaders, including Animesh Debbarma, Sudip Roy Barman, and Jitendra Chowdhury, decided to field CPIM candidates in the two assembly constituencies during a meeting on Saturday. This move appears to streamline the opposition’s path to victory.

A significant aspect of this situation revolves around candidate selection, with many employees expressing concerns about the suitability of candidates. State Congress President Ashish Kumar Saha mentioned that the fight would be against the BJP, aiming to prevent vote-splitting. However, a final decision has not yet been reached. Animesh Debbarma, the opposition party leader, stressed the need to avoid a repetition of past issues in the upcoming by-elections and suggested that the final decision should align with the people’s preferences.

The news further indicates that Manik Sarkar, the former MLA, is disinclined to stand for the Dhanpur assembly constituency. His reluctance stems from his desire not to overshadow Jiten, potentially reflecting his stance on politics. As discussions continue, a final decision is expected from the three parties within the next two days, ultimately determining the candidate list. The meeting was attended by other figures, such as former Minister Manik Dey and MLA Gopal Roy.

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