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Traffic advisory issued for Durga Puja carnival in Agartala


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, October 25: The city of Agartala is gearing up for the third edition of the Universal Durga Puja carnival, also known as Maa Gaman on Thursday. The carnival, organized by the ICA department and Agartala Municipal Corporation, will showcase the cultural diversity and creativity of the puja organizers and social groups.

The carnival will start from the City Centre and proceed along the main road of the state. Thousands of spectators are expected to witness the parade of floats, tableaux, and cultural performances by various puja committees and organizations. The carnival will also mark the farewell of Goddess Durga after the five-day festival.

However, the carnival also poses a challenge for the traffic management in the city. In the past years, the carnival has caused severe traffic congestion and chaos in Agartala. Many commuters have faced difficulties in reaching their destinations due to the closure of roads and diversion of vehicles.

To avoid such problems, the traffic administration has issued a statement with special guidelines for the carnival day. The statement mentions which roads will be closed for the carnival, which roads will be open for emergency services, and which roads will be designated for parking.

According to the statement, passenger and cargo traffic will be stopped from Kaman Chowmuhani to Dashamighat from 2 pm on Thursday. No entry will be allowed at Gandhighat, Nagerjala, Battala, Dashamighat, Jaipur, Joynagar, Fire Service Chowmuhani, IGM Chowmuhani, Birendra Club Junction, RMS Chowmuhani, Madhyapara Road, Orient Chowmuhani, Jackson Gate, Maharajganj Bazar, Netaji Chowmuhani and Lalmatia crossing.

The roads open for emergency services include Hapania- AD Nagar- Flyover- IGM- TRTC- BK Chowmuhani – Colonel Chowmuhani – Haradhan Sangha- North Gate- GBP Hospital and ILS Hospital road. Emergency services and rail passengers and air passengers must travel by road using adequate credentials, air tickets and rail tickets in vehicles.

The roads designated for parking are City Center for VVIP and Rabindra Pally Quarter Complex, Office Vehicle Parking Zoned Office Lane Box Culvert, General Public Parking Zoned IGM Chowmuhani, RMS Chowmuhani, Jackson Gate Box Culvert, Battala TRTC Complex, from Pillar No. 38 to Pillar No. 42 under fly over, Gandhighat to Ramakrishna Mission, Gangail Road. Police car parking space has been arranged in Umakanta school ground.

The statement also mentions the routes to be used for idol immersion in different zones of the city. The administration has requested the puja organizers and the public to follow the guidelines and cooperate with the traffic police.

The citizens of Agartala have expressed mixed feelings about the carnival. While some are excited to witness the spectacle, others are concerned about the disruption of public life. They hope that the administration will take adequate steps to ensure that the carnival does not cause any inconvenience to the common people. They also hope that the carnival will be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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