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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Tripatrite agreement a smoke screen to divert attention from real issues: Jiten


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 3rd MArch 2024 :  Jitendra Chaudhury, the Secretary of the CPIM state committee, expressed skepticism today regarding the effectiveness of the tripartite agreement signed between Tipra Motha, the Central government, and the state administration to address concerns affecting the indigenous population. Speaking at a CPIM State Office event, Chaudhury contended that the agreement was a deceptive tactic aimed at misleading the public.

Accusing Tipra Motha of entering into a clandestine arrangement to ensure the success of the BJP in the recent Assembly election, Chaudhury asserted that people from various segments of the nation were being misguided by the Tripartite Agreement in Delhi.

Highlighting the BJP government’s alleged neglect of the language and cultural rights of tribals and other communities, Chaudhury claimed that initiatives like the Citizenship Act and Uniform Civil Code were designed to marginalize and eradicate indigenous groups. He further accused the ruling BJP of working to undermine the state’s ADC and plotting to weaken the existence of various communities through different strategies.

The CPIM leader argued that the self-proclaimed indigenous political party, ostensibly working for tribal interests, had covertly aligned itself with the ruling party, causing damage to the nation. According to Chaudhury, this alleged collaboration between the regional political party and the BJP was initially concealed during the assembly elections but was later made public during the subsequent Lok Sabha election.

Chaudhury emphasized that the BJP, led by the RSS, aimed to gain control not only of Tripura but the entire country. He claimed that a pact had been signed between the BJP and the so-called tribal party in Delhi with the intention of deceiving people from all sections of the state’s castes.

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