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Tripura Santiniketan Medical College aims to establish cultural academy in state


By TC News Desk

Agartala, April 13: The Tripura Santiniketan Cultural Academy is set to open its doors, marking a new chapter in the state’s commitment to fostering cultural growth and education. This initiative is headed by the proposed Tripura Santiniketan Medical College authority, aims to establish a Cultural Academy within the framework of the ambitious Tripura Knowledge City project.

The announcement was made by Malay Pit, president of the organization, during a press event held at the Agartala Press Club on Friday evening. Addressing the issue of youth migration for education and employment, Pit highlighted the state’s efforts to reverse this trend by creating a robust infrastructure capable of meeting their aspirations. The Tripura Knowledge City is envisioned as a cornerstone in this strategy, designed to attract and retain the state’s vast human resources.

A pivotal discussion meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 7th May 2024, at the proposed site of the Tripura Santiniketan Medical College. This meeting will focus on finalizing the master plan for this extensive public project, with a special invitation extended to women entrepreneurs to contribute to its shaping.

The project’s broader goal is to entice skilled individuals back to Tripura, offering them avenues for self-employment and professional development. The upcoming discussion will solidify the implementation strategy for the Tripura Knowledge City.

In a tribute to the revered poet Rabindranath Tagore, the Cultural Academy will be officially inaugurated on his birth anniversary, Wednesday, 25th Baishakh (8th May 2024), at 3 pm. The inauguration is set to be a momentous event, promoting the values of sound culture, research, and development. Preceding the inauguration, a morning ferry will be organized from Rabindra Bhavan in Agartala, in collaboration with various cultural organizations.

Pit also revealed the proposed name for the academy, Tripura Santiniketan Cultural Academy, emphasizing its role as a cultural forum. The academy will explore avenues for cultural advancement through research and practice across different cultural educational institutions.

The master plan for both the Knowledge City and the Cultural Academy was deliberated upon during Friday’s meeting. The final outline is set to be drafted in the Lecture Hall – 2 of the proposed Tripura Santiniketan Medical College on the 7th and 8th of May, 2024, marking a significant stride towards cultural enrichment and educational excellence in Tripura.

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