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Udaipur small business owners in limbo as roadsides cleared by Municipal Council


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 17, 2023: Once again, an initiative has been undertaken in Udaipur City to address the plight of small business owners situated beside the roads. However, despite promises of providing alternative lands, the issue remains unresolved, leaving the small entrepreneurs in a state of uncertainty.

Around one and half months back, the Udaipur Municipal Council had initiated the process of relocating small business owners from the Central Road and New Town road areas. Unfortunately, viable alternatives were not found for these entrepreneurs, forcing them to continue their businesses alongside the roads. On Monday, the Municipal Corporation once again conducted a clearance drive, evicting the vendors from the roadside. Consequently, many small business owners have been left distressed and uncertain about their future.

In response to the situation, Shital Majumdar, the Chairman of the Municipal Corporation, had previously assured the vendors of providing government-owned lands to relocate their businesses. However, these assurances have not materialized so far, leading to this recent clearance operation. As a result, the affected vendors have voiced their grievances, highlighting the lack of proper assistance from the authorities in relocating their businesses.

While the Municipal Corporation has taken this action to declutter the roads, it has caused significant distress to the affected small business owners. The clearance operation has led to a chaotic scene as many vendors were forcibly removed from their spots beside the roads. Traffic congestion due to the clearance drive has also added to the inconvenience faced by the general public.

The situation has sparked frustration among the affected small business owners, who feel directionless after being displaced from their previous locations. Although the initiative aims to improve the aesthetics of the city’s roads, finding practical and feasible alternatives for these vendors remains a pressing concern. The matter continues to draw attention, urging the authorities to address the issue with a comprehensive and practical solution that benefits both the city’s development and the livelihoods of its small entrepreneurs.

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