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Villagers blockade road protesting dilapidated road condition in Amarpur


By  TC News Desk

Agartala, 10th October 2023 :   After enduring years of inconvenience and perilous conditions on their roads, residents of Purbadaluma and West Daluma villages took matters into their own hands on Tuesday morning, staging a protest demanding immediate reform.

The eight rural roads in question have languished in disrepair for an extended period, leaving commuters and drivers grappling with extreme difficulties.

One of the major grievances cited by the protesters was the blockade of the Amarpur-Nutanbazar road, which had caused significant disruptions to local transportation since Tuesday morning. The deteriorating condition of the roads has allegedly resulted in dire consequences, including the inability to dispatch ambulances for critically ill patients and a halt to students’ movements during even the lightest rain.

Repeated appeals to administration officials, including the executive builder of Amarpur Public Works Department, yielded no tangible progress. The absence of concrete steps towards road rehabilitation compelled villagers to mobilize under the leadership of Asiram Riang, the winning candidate of Tipramatha.

Upon receiving news of the protests, high-ranking officers swiftly intervened, engaging with the demonstrators and offering assurances that the longstanding issue would be promptly addressed. Encouraged by this commitment, the villagers chose to withdraw their road blockade, marking a significant turning point in their pursuit of safer and more accessible roads.

The community now awaits the forthcoming actions promised by the authorities, hopeful that this victory will herald a new era of improved infrastructure for Purbadaluma and West Daluma villages.

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