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Women stages protest against country made liquor shop


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 19th December 2023:   A peaceful demonstration unfolded today as residents of Trimukha area, women staged a road blockade at Sarla Road Point to voice their opposition to the proposed opening of a country made liquor counter in their locality. The protest, which commenced at 9 am and garnered participation from local residents, aimed to draw attention to the construction of a house in the area, rumored to be the site for a forthcoming country liquor counter.

Members of women argued that the establishment of such a counter would disrupt the peace and order of their community, leading them to adamantly reject the prospect. Upon receiving information about the road blockade, Kadamtala police station swiftly dispatched officers to the scene. The women leading the protest emphasized that the area had been peaceful until the news of the liquor counter surfaced.

Residents expressed concerns that the introduction of a local liquor counter would adversely impact the tranquility of the region, prompting them to take to the streets in protest.

Administrative officials responded promptly to the situation, rushing to the spot to engage with the demonstrators. After a series of discussions and assurances from the authorities that their concerns would be addressed, women and the residents decided to lift the road blockade.Local authorities have pledged to investigate the construction in question and ensure that it complies with existing regulations. The resolution of the protest highlights the importance of open communication between residents and administrative officials in addressing community concerns and maintaining peace in the area.

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