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BJP misleads people in the name of religion: Priyanka


Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government and said that the present government lacks accountability towards the people and it just gathers votes by misleading the public in the name of religion.

Addressing a public meeting in support of her brother and Congress candidate from Rae Bareli Rahul Gandhi in Unchahar, Priyanka said, “Everything is becoming expensive day by day due to the policies of the Modi government.”

She said that while the Modi government waives the loans of the rich and the sons of its ministers mow down farmers under their vehicles, it does not waive the loans of farmers. She said while the BJP people talk about changing the Constitution, Rahul Gandhi is a true, simple and honest leader.

The Congress leader said that her family has been associated with Rae Bareli for generations and the Congress leaders elected from here have been accountable to the people here. “There is no accountability in the present government and these people just take votes by misleading the public in the name of religion,” she said.

She said that today a cooking gas cylinder costs Rs 1,100, whereas earlier the same cylinder was priced at Rs 400. “At that time BJP leaders came on the road carrying cylinders,” she said in a veiled attack at Amethi MP Smriti Irani.

Priyanka said that today 70 crore people are unemployed. “The gap between rich and poor is increasing. The facilities like roads, electricity and water are not available as they should be. The poor of the country like common people, youth and farmers are in distress,” she alleged.

She said that the son of a minister of the Modi government ran his vehicle over the farmers in which some farmers were killed. “Today the Modi government waives off the loans of the capitalists but does not waive the loans of the poor and farmers,” she said.

The Congress leader alleged that PM Narendra Modi is in collusion with the big capitalists, that is why the country’s ports, airports and mines have been given to the big capitalists. She alleged that the Modi government took a donation of Rs 52 crore from a company which made a faulty vaccine.

She said that today stray animals are grazing in the farms in the villages. She said that when the Congress government in Chhattisgarh faced a similar problem it set up the cow sheds and linked women’s groups to the cow shed, due to which the women got economic benefits and progressed by selling cow milk and curd.

She said that if the intentions of the government are right then the problems are solved but the intentions of the Modi government are not right. “This government is talking about changing the reservation and today the future of the country lies in this election,” she said.

She said that when the INDI alliance government comes to power many schemes will be brought for farmers, women and youth. Strict laws will be made for minimum support price, right to job, paper leaks.

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