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Ensuring convenient darshan of Ram Lalla to every devotee is our duty: Yogi


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said that Ayodhya Dham is witnessing an influx of devotees from across the nation, creating a profound sea of faith and the heartfelt desire to have darshan of their beloved Ram Lalla unites everyone.

In response to the profound pilgrimage of devotees from all corners of the nation converging in Ayodhya Dham to witness the divine presence of Lord Shri Ram Lalla, the CM issued comprehensive directives to ensure a seamless and gratifying darshan experience for every devotee.

Following a thorough review of the situation with officials from Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust and the local administration in Ayodhya, he said, “Given the natural surge of devotees, it becomes our collective responsibility to ensure arrangements for their safety, convenience, and unhindered darshan.”

In the meantime, Yogi urged the VIP, VVIP and distinguished guests to notify in advance before visiting Ayodhya. “Amidst the extraordinary circumstances arising from the influx of numerous devotees from across the nation, eager to seek the darshan of their revered deity, Lord Shri Ram Lalla, in Ayodhya Dham, it is advisable to notify the local administration, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust or the state government at least a week in advance of any planned visit to Ayodhya,” he said.

He said, “This proactive communication will facilitate better coordination and ensure a smooth and well-managed reception for these special guests.”

The CM said, “Enhanced coordination between the local administration and the temple trust is essential for effective crowd management. Queues should be formed along Ram Path, Dharma Path, and Janmabhoomi Path wherever visitors are present, ensuring an orderly flow without overcrowding. Special consideration should be given to the elderly, children, and women within the queues.

He said, “In line with the sentiments of the visitors, Ram Bhajans should be played at a low volume on major roads. It is imperative that the behaviour of security personnel deployed is dignified.”

Yogi directed to ensure the availability of drinking water at different locations for the devotees in queues. “Arrange for wheelchairs as needed for disabled or elderly devotees. Given the cold weather, make provisions for bonfires. Install jute matting on Ram Path, Bhakti Path, Dharma Path, and Janmabhoomi Path. Provide plastic chairs for individuals to rest as required. Maintain ongoing cleanliness throughout the city, including all ghats. There should be mechanised cleaning,” he said.

He directed to ensure proper transportation facilities for devotees to reach their destinations post-darshan and worship. “There should be arrangements for transportation corporation buses. The operation of additional buses to Ayodhya from various cities should be postponed for the time being. Following the darshan, organise buses along routes with higher devotee concentrations to transport them to their intended locations,” he said.

Yogi said that efforts should be made to identify such routes and operate trains as per requirement bye coordinating with the Railways. “The Transport Minister should personally oversee this arrangement,” he said.

He said that Chief Secretary, DGP, Additional CS to the CM, Principal Secretary Transport and Principal Secretary Urban Development will ensure necessary management for the safety and convenience of the devotees with better coordination.

The CM said that Ayodhya administration and government level officials should maintain inter-state communication and contact with the districts bordering Ayodhya. “After assessing the influx of devotees from different directions, make necessary arrangements,” he said.

He said that on the occasion of ‘Republic Day on January 26, a national festival marked by joy and enthusiasm, there is a possibility of unruly elements attempting to disrupt the atmosphere. “It is imperative to ensure that no one’s religious sentiments are insulted or disregarded through songs, music, slogans, or any other acts. In the event of any individual making efforts to spread hatred, it is essential to take strict action against them in accordance with the zero-tolerance policy,” he said.

Yogi directed to earmark a designated holding area capable of accommodating a large group of visitors. “Gradually release devotees from this area for darshan to ensure a smooth flow. Implement arrangements to safeguard their belongings such as luggage, shoes, slippers and mobile devices,” he said.

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