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Govt issues advisory against “Fake” calls


Concerned over rising complaints of fake calls and cyber frauds, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), has issued an advisory to citizens to not take fake calls being received by the citizens wherein callers are threatening to disconnect their mobile numbers, or their mobile numbers are being misused in some illegal activities.

The DoT had earlier issued advisory about WhatsApp calls from foreign origin mobile numbers (like +92-xxxxxxxxxx) impersonating government officials and duping the people.

Cyber criminals through such calls try to threaten or steal personal information to carry out cyber-crime/financial frauds. The DoT/TRAI does not authorize anyone to make such call on its behalf and has advised people to stay vigilant and report such fraud communications to the government immediately, an official statement said.

Such proactive reporting helps DoT in prevention of misuse of telecom resources for cyber-crime, financial frauds, etc.

Last week, in a major crackdown on cyber-crime and financial frauds, the Ministry Home Affairs, Department of Telecom and State Police had launched a joint drive to curb the misuse of telecom resources as the DoT had issued directions to telecom services providers for blocking 28200 mobile phones and 20 lakh mobile connections.

DoT, MHA and the State Police have joined hands for curbing the misuse of telecom resources in cyber-crime and financial frauds. This collaborative effort aims to dismantle networks of fraudsters and protect citizens from digital threats.

Analysis carried out by MHA and State Police have revealed that 28,200 mobile handsets were misused in cybercrimes. The DoT further analyzed and found that a staggering 20 lakh numbers were used with these mobile handsets.

The DoT also advised citizens to report at cyber-crime helpline number 1930 or www.cybercrime.gov.in in case of already a victim of cyber-crime or financial fraud.

Various measures have been taken to combat suspected fraud communications and to curb cybercrime activities like under CHAKSHU facility, 52 Principal Entities, involved in sending malicious and phishing SMSs to the citizens have been blacklisted.

The DoT has deactivated 700 SMS content templates and 348 mobile handsets blacklisted on pan- India basis across all telecom operators. More than 10,830 suspected mobile numbers flagged for re-verification to the telecom operators out of which 8272 mobile connections disconnected failing re-verification till 30th April 2024.

Recently 1.86 lakh mobile handsets blocked on pan India basis for involvement in cybercrime/financial frauds, an official statement said.

Advisories have been issued on a regular basis for the public to create awareness on fake notices impersonating DoT/TRAI, suspected fraud communications and malicious calls via press, SMS, and social media.

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