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Hyd: Police foils BJP’s 24-hr Deeksha over unemployment, forcibly shifted K Reddy


The city police on Wednesday night foiled the 24-hour-long hunger strike at Dharna Chowk here launched by the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the ‘injustice’ with unemployed and youth by the KCR government in the state.

The Hyderabad police forcibly shifted State BJP President and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy to its party office, where he is continuing his Deeksha till 1100 hours on Thursday.

During the shifting, there was an exchange of heated arguments between the police and the saffron party workers, which led to a tense situation and chaos at the Dharna Chowk for some time.

The police said permission for holding the Deeksha was granted until 6 p.m. and detained Kishan Reddy for continuing the strike beyond the permitted hours.

During the shifting, Kishan Reddy received nail scratches on his hand and other minor injuries.

Doctors, who attended on Kishan Reddy, took medical tests.

Reacting to the incident, Union Minister Amit Shah inquired about the health of Kishan Reddy and the situation that arises during the Deeksha.

Earlier, Kishan Reddy said that after coming to power on the slogan of “water, funds, and jobs”, KCR betrayed the unemployed.

The BJP leader alleged that the government has done injustice to students and unemployed people who played a key role in the Telangana movement.

In a statement, National General Secretary BJP and Incharge Telangana Tarun Chug strongly condemned the illegal arrest of Union Tourism Minister G. Kishan Reddy in Hyderabad, who has been on a 24-hour fast protesting against the betrayal of the unemployed by the KCR.

The BJP has taken all permissions for the fast, and it has been going on peacefully.

The fast evoked a tremendous response with the huge participation of the youth and students, who have been simmering with anger against the KCR government, which failed to conduct a single exam for recruitment cleanly and has not been able to fill a single job.

Obviously frustrated by the huge response to the BJP and unable to digest its success, KCR deployed his police to disrupt the fast, he said.

It is baffling that police used brutal force at the time of the arrest, unmindful of the fact that Kishan Reddy is a union minister and Z-grade protectee.

Kishan Reddy fell unconscious, but the police were not conscious of it, he claimed.

They used force on him and indiscriminately beat up workers, causing many injuries, including women.

It is surprising that in the draconian regime of KCR, even peaceful fasts are disallowed, said Tarun.

It is evident that KCR is rattled. The way he disrupted the fast is a sign of it.

The youth and students of Telangana will dislodge this government, and the BJP, undeterred by the state-sponsored atrocities using police as tools, will continue to stand by the unemployed, he added.

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