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INDI alliance failed to honour Chaudhary Charan Singh


Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday said that Muzaffarnagar endured months of curfew when governance fell into wrong hands, emphasing the importance of every vote in elections.

Speaking on the second day of the Prabudha Sammelan held at Lala Jagdish Prasad Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College in Muzaffarnagar, the Chief Minister said, “However, when you gave power to the right people, Muzaffarnagar became known for its vibrant Kanwar Yatra.”

He said, “Previously, votes cast in favour of the wrong people, plunged Western UP into anarchy and lawlessness where everyone felt insecure. People were afraid of coming to the place. But, when you elected the right parties and people, lawlessness and chaos ended and faith was respected.”

Yogi was seeking votes for Union Minister and BJP candidate Sanjeev Baliyan. Children presented the Chief Minister with paintings on the occasion. The auditorium reverberated with chants of Yogi-Yogi as he emphasised the urgency of voting.

He urged the citizens to exercise their democratic rights regardless of weather adversities, electing Prime Minister Modi for a third term.

The Chief Minister said in the past, extortion prevailed when governance faltered. “As I hear the song ‘Holi Khele Raghuveera Avadh Mein…’, it reflects how the divine was invoked for festivities, yet his holy presence remained absent from our soil. Your single vote has broken the shackles of centuries, ushering in an era of respect and faith. A vote cast in the wrong direction perpetuated exploitation, whereas aligning with the right party paved the path for initiatives like PM SVANidhi, offering loans to street vendors,” he said

He said, “Over 18 lakh street vendors in UP have benefited from this scheme. While the INDI alliance prioritises family interests, the NDA alliance, under the guidance of PM Modi, places the nation above all else.”

Yogi highlighted the long-standing aspirations of local representatives and residents of the restoration of Shuktirtha’s former glory. “In response to these dynamic calls, our administration has committed to revitalising Shuktirtha by establishing a dedicated Shuktirtha Development Council that aligns closely with the sentiments of the populace. This region boasts a rich heritage spanning thousands of years, serving as a beacon for followers of Sanatan Dharma worldwide who glean profound insights into life’s truths from the revered Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran. It is here, five millennia ago, that Shukdev Maharaj first imparted the Mahapuran, underscoring the profound historical significance of this land,” he said.

He said that the INDI alliance overlooked Chaudhary Saheb from 2004-2014. Lauding the awarding of Bharat Ratna to Chaudhary Charan Singh posthumously, he described him as the champion of farmers’ rights, asserting that this recognition was long overdue.

The Chief Minister reflected on the previous governments’ neglect of farmers’ interests, underscoring the failure of the INDI alliance to honour Chaudhary Saheb during their tenure from 2004 to 2014. “Chaudhary Charan Singh, affectionately regarded as the embodiment of rural India, advocated that the path to national development traverses the fields and farms. The people of UP take pride in Choudhary Saheb’s Bharat Ratna, acknowledging his efforts as the former CM to bridge communities with progress,” he said.

He recounted the tense atmosphere prevailing in Muzaffarnagar before 2016-2017, narrating an incident when he came to attend the Kapildev Aggarwal meeting. Determined to alleviate this tension, the Chief Minister advocated for a stress-free Muzaffarnagar and emphasised the community’s trust in Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, evidenced by their support in the 2014, 2017, 2019, and 2022 elections.

Highlighting progress, Yogi mentioned that the state’s premier sports university of global standards is being set up in Sardhana, Muzaffarnagar. He envisioned aspiring athletes like Parul Chaudhary benefitting from this initiative, offering them a platform to excel.

Promising incentives for achievements, he pledged direct job opportunities like Deputy SP for Muzaffarnagar’s daughters who secure medals in international events like the Commonwealth, Asiad, or Olympics. He shared an inspiring anecdote where a local athlete’s determination to succeed propelled her to victory despite facing tough competition, ultimately bringing pride to the nation.

The Chief Minister emphasised the inseparable link between development and security, vowing unwavering attention to security matters. He warned potential wrongdoers, stressing that those who compromise the safety of citizens – whether women, businessmen, or farmers – will face serious repercussions.

He said that addressing long-standing demands the government has allocated Rs 2,600 crore in the budget to provide free electricity to private tube well operators, alongside undertaking initiatives such as promoting solar panels. “Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the nation is witnessing the dawn of a new era. The failure of SP-BSP or Congress to address the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya contrasts with the recent seamless pilgrimage of over 1.5 crore devotees within two months,” he said.

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