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INDI alliance targeting Constitution wants to usurp rights of Dalits, OBC: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attacked the INDI alliance and said that now they are targeting the Constitution and want to usurp the rights of Dalits, backward and tribals.

Addressing an election rally in Majhwan in support of Union Minister and Apna Dal (Sonelal) candidate Anupriya Patel from Mirzapur, Rinki Kol from Robertsganj, and Shravan Kumar Gaur for the Duddhi Assembly by-election, the PM said, “The Constitution clearly states that reservation cannot be based on religion.”

He said, “During the UP Assembly elections in January 2012 Samajwadi Party (SP) released its manifesto and had said that Muslims will be given reservations just like Dalits and backward communities. SP boldly said that it would change the constitution for this. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, SP released its manifesto in which it again announced reservations for Muslims. SP had announced that 15 percent reservation will be given to Muslims in police and PAC as well.”

Modi said, “These people are engaged in usurping the rights of SC, ST, and OBC to please their vote bank. They have been giving OBC rights to Muslims through the back door, but sometimes the High Court and Supreme Court put a stop to it. Given this, now they want to change the constitution as a last resort.”

Criticizing the Indi alliance, he said, “The INDI alliance is highly communal, casteist and nepotistic and undermines Baba Saheb’s legacy by proposing religion-based reservations.”

The PM emphasized that with the power of every vote, the Ram Temple was constructed in Ayodhya and the grand Dham of Vindhyavasini is swiftly taking shape.

Paying obeisance to Maa Vindhyavasini, Badi Shitala, Maa Ashtabhuji and Kali Khoh, he remarked on the significance of the month of Jyeshtha in the Hindi calendar, highlighting the importance of every Tuesday. “Some refer to it as Bada Mangal, while others call it Budhwa Mangal. This particular Budhwa Mangal is especially noteworthy because, for the first time in 500 years, Lord Shri Ram, who had his biggest devotee in Lord Hanuman, has been enshrined in his grand temple in Ayodhya,” he said.

Modi expressed immense joy, noting that Bajrangbali would even be happier than all the people. He emphasised that this auspicious occasion and significant achievement are made possible by the power of each individual’s vote.

He said that the country is now aware of the INDI alliance’s true nature, describing them as extremely communal, casteist, and nepotistic. “SP only awarded tickets to Yadav family members, ignoring others. Law and order were nonexistent under the SP. They released captured terrorists and suspended the policemen who apprehended them, turning Purvanchal into a haven for the mafia. Under the SP people’s lives and land were constantly at risk and the mafia thrived based on vote bank politics. However, this is no longer the case,” he said.

He praised Yogi Adityanath and his administration for courageously advancing his campaign against corruption and criminal elements. “The country has ensured the formation of a strong BJP and NDA government for the third time in six phases of Lok Sabha elections,” he said.

He attributed India’s decision to re-elect the Modi government to its ‘good intentions, effective policies, and commitment to putting the nation first’.

He likened the stability of leadership to building a house, where one would not hire a new mechanic every month. He criticised the INDI alliance’s proposal of having five Prime Ministers in five years, questioning how such frequent changes would benefit the country.

Modi emphasised that a PM preoccupied with retaining their position cannot effectively strengthen the nation, asserting that a strong country requires a strong and stable Prime Minister.

Critiquing the opposition, the PM said, “Their new target is the sacred Constitution of our country. They now attempt to strip away the rights of Dalits, backward communities, and Tribals. The Constitution prohibits reservation based on religion.”

He pointed out that SP has been covertly granting OBC benefits to Muslims, a practice sometimes halted by the High Court and Supreme Court. “In response, they now aim to Amend the Constitution as a last resort,” he said.

Modi highlighted Mirzapur and Robertsganj as remarkable examples of women’s empowerment, noting that Rinki Kol is the first candidate from Robertsganj.

He shared his humble beginnings, recalling how he grew up washing cups and plates and urged voters to vote to support women’s empowerment.

He emphasized the importance of their vote, reminding them that they are not just electing an MP but also shaping the leadership of the Prime Minister.

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