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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Mumbai will trip if Gujaratis, Rajasthanis leave: Guv


Maharashtra Governor B S Koshyari has warned that Mumbai will not remain India’s financial capital if Gujaratis and Rajasthanis move out of the city and adjoining Thane.

Speaking on Friday evening here, the Governor praised the Marwari and Gujarati communities and said they contribute to the development of the place wherever they go by setting up hospitals and schools.

“I keep telling people sometimes that if Gujaratis and Rajasthanis are removed from Maharashtra, especially from Mumbai and Thane, then you will have no money left.”

Both the Shiv Sena and the Congress reacted on the comments as an insult to the Marathi community.

Marathis gets insulted as soon as a BJP-sponsored Chief Minister is in power, Sena leader Sanjay Raut said. “CM Shinde, at least condemn the Governor. This is an insult to the hard-working Marathi people,” Raut tweeted.

Congress leader Sachin Sawant called the insult to the Marathi people “terrible”.

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