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People of my country are my successors: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday anointed all his countrymen as his successor. Reacting sharply to the successor jibe by the Opposition, Modi declared that he has no heir except for the people of his motherland who will be the next-in-line to his legacy.

Addressing a rally here in Bihar in favour of NDA candidates, Modi said: “I do not have any successor and legacy, people of the country are my only successor and legacy”.

Modi spoke out on the successor issue with an intention to put an end to spiralling conjectures that Modi will vacate office as he turns 75 (as her his own diktat) and the mantle will fall on Union Home Minister and longtime associate Amit Shah “his successor”.

Modi said he would strive for the development of Bihar and Bharat for the bright future of their successor, the people of the country.

Reiterating his commitments for taking strong and major decisions for welfare of the poor, the Prime Minister said that he does not want his successors to face the pangs of poverty any more and appealed to them to again elect a strong government at the Centre for securing a bright future for their next generation.

“Whenever the opposition comes together, they nurture communalism, casteism and dynastic culture to an extreme dimension,” Modi alleged adding that the leaders of the opposition parties were concerned only about their own sons and daughters and not for the common people.

He said as June 4, the day for declaration of Lok Sabha elections results, was getting closer the opposition was finding it unbearable to digest that voters were once again going to elect Narendra Modi.

The Prime Minister said that to provide justice to the poor and common people his government introduced “Nyaay Samhita” (judicial code) changing the decade old “Dand Samhita” (Penal code) continuing since the British era in the country.

He said the previous government of Congress never thought of altering it in the interest of poor and common people.

Describing the Penal code as discriminatory, Modi said the corrupt people, terrorists and those affluent utilising their money power were managing to come out of the jail whereas the poor people and the common man had to remain behind the bars for several years.

Reminding the Congress-RJD regime of Bihar, he alleged that they had unleashed Jungle rule steeped in corruption and crime forcing the people to migrate from here.

Referring to the glorious past of Bihar which was famous for its talent and patriotic leaders Modi alleged that the Congress-RJD had made it into the “land of Rangdari” (extortion tax).

Speaking about the derogatory remarks made by a Congress minister and senior leader in Punjab for the people of Bihar, Modi said that the opposition leaders were nurturing a feeling of immense hatred for Biharis.

The Prime Minister alleged that the “Shahi family” (royal family) of Congress did not utter even a single word against their leader for abusing people of Bihar. He further said that the RJD which is a major ally of Congress has turned a deaf ear and alleged that the INDI alliance has nothing to do with the respect, dignity and prestige of the people of Bihar.

The shahi family remained silent even at the time when the DMK and the leaders in Telangana used abusive languages against the people of Bihar.

Advocating to punish such leaders, Modi exhorted the voters to teach them a lesson by pressing the EVM buttons in favour of the NDA.

During his address the Prime Minister also highlighted the achievements of his government and the welfare activities executed for progress of poor people and common people in Bihar.

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