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The Final Vote: A tribute to civic duty and dedication


In an era where democracy is often taken for granted, the stories of Madhava Prabhu from Dakshin Kannada and AK Raman Nair from Kottayam serve as poignant reminders of the profound impact that individual actions can have on shaping the political landscape and upholding democratic values.

At 85, Madhava Prabhu’s life was a testament to dedication and service. A former army officer and inspector of the Malaria Eradication department, Prabhu’s commitment to his civic duties remained unwavering even as he battled illness from his hospital bed.

Admitted to a private hospital due to his ailment, Prabhu seized the opportunity to cast his vote through the home voting provision available to those aged 85 and above. With his doctor’s approval, he briefly left the hospital on Tuesday to fulfill this democratic duty. Tragically, his condition worsened upon his return, and he passed away on Wednesday, leaving behind his wife, two daughters, and sons.

Prabhu’s life journey, spanning his distinguished tenure in the army, impactful role in the Malaria Eradication Department, and active involvement in community affairs as the vice president of the Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society, serves as an inspiring example of unwavering commitment to duty and service.

His final act of voting despite his deteriorating health resonates deeply, highlighting the significance of civic engagement and the shared responsibility we hold as citizens.

In Kottayam, the story of 99-year-old AK Raman Nair from Manakkunu in Pala is equally inspiring. Despite suffering from age-related ailments, Nair demonstrated his dedication to democracy by participating in the Lok Sabha polls through the vote-from-home facility set up by the Election Commission.

Nair cast his vote and passed away within minutes on Saturday, just two days after being discharged from the hospital. His commitment to his civic duty, even in the face of personal challenges, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of active participation in our democratic processes.

The stories of Prabhu and Nair highlight the power of one vote and the profound impact that individual citizens can have on shaping the political landscape. Their unwavering commitment to their civic duties, despite facing personal challenges, underscores the essence of democracy and the collective responsibility of all in safeguarding and strengthening our democratic values.

These stories serve as timeless reminders of the importance of active engagement in the democratic processes and the role the citizens play in shaping the future of India.

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