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Yashoda Hospital performs first “renal artery denervation,” on hypertension patient in Telugu states


Yashoda Hospitals (Hitec City Unit), Hyderabad, claimed that it has performed a unique procedure, “Renal Denervation Therapy,” for the first time in the Telugu states (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) and the second in the country, on a 36-year-old male patient who is suffering from resistant hypertension.

Yashoda’s Division of Interventional Cardiology, led by Dr Rajasekhar Varda, performed this breakthrough treatment that offers hope for Resistant Hypertension, the hospitals said in a release here on Friday.

Dr Rajasekhar, Senior Consultant in Interventional Cardiology and Electrophysiology, Certified Proctor for TAVR, and Clinical Director, and his team encountered a challenging situation of resistant hypertension in a young male who had been prescribed multiple medications without success.

In an attempt to address this issue, the doctor’s team performed a procedure known as “RENAL NERVE DENERVATION.” This procedure involves placing a catheter inside the blood vessels that supply the kidneys and ablating the nerves responsible for their innervation.

Blood pressure that remains above target despite taking medications concurrently is referred to as resistant hypertension. While medication and lifestyle changes have long been the primary approaches to managing hypertension, some patients experience resistance to these conventional treatments.

Renal denervation involves precisely targeting and disrupting the sympathetic nerves surrounding the kidneys, which play a vital role in regulating blood pressure. By interrupting these nerves’ signals, the therapy aims to reduce blood pressure levels and provide relief to patients struggling with resistant hypertension. This minimally invasive procedure involves a catheter-based technique, eliminating the need for surgery. During the procedure, a specialised device is threaded through the arteries to reach the renal arteries near the kidneys. Energy, such as ultrasound or radiofrequency, is then applied to selectively deactivate the sympathetic nerves, restoring a more balanced blood pressure response. This procedure is a groundbreaking treatment and has emerged as a promising solution to combat this debilitating form of high blood pressure.

Commenting on the procedure Dr Rajasekhar said, “We are glad to announce that the procedure is a super success and the patient is perfectly fine. Resistant hypertension is an unrecognised and undertreated problem, and there is an unmet need in the treatment of this condition. Renal denervation offers a ray of hope to those patients who have uncontrollable hypertension despite multiple medications. It is a novel treatment technology whose time has perhaps come.”

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