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Rising cases of electricity wires being stolen in Bangladesh locality


Every night in the Rajbari district town, 120 km away from here, electricity connection cables are being stolen from homes and institutions.

Electricity connection cables of various institutions including houses are being stolen day or night time. The residents of the town are in trouble. No arrests have been made in this connection thus far.

Mir Afroz Zaman, a special correspondent of United News of India (UNI) in Dhaka, a resident of Sajjankanda T&T Para Zamindar Road, Rajbari municipal area has also been the victim of these miscreants.

According to the victim’s source, miscreants cut about 60 meters of copper wire from the PDB electric pillar to the customer’s meter. The house was cut off from electricity at night on the night of February 10 (Friday).

In connection with this incident, Zaman filed a written complaint at Rajbari Sadar Police Station, and the police later visited the scene.

In addition, on the same night, the house of Yunus Munsi and Shimul, the residents of that area, also had the electricity cable stolen. Even though there have been several incidents of theft in the past, there is no complaint in the police records.

Not only that house but almost every day in different parts of the town, subscribers suffered greatly due to the theft of electric cables. The victims demanded the installation of CCTV cameras on the alleys along with the intervention of the administration to prevent the theft.

According to a source, during the last 15 days the electricity connection cables have been stolen in about 30 houses of Sajjankanda TNT Para, Ward No. 6 Jail Para, Abul Hossain College, Kazikanda, Sripur, Ramkantpur. However, without reporting these incident to the police, the house owners are re-connecting themselves. Due to this, the police have not been able to take action against those involved in the theft.

The victims said that when they went to the Police Station, the police asked them to file a complaint with the name of the suspected thief. But they don’t want to risk anyone’s name without being sure. That’s why, they don’t give names.

Journalist Mir Afroz Zaman, a resident of Sajjankanda area, said that power cables at his house was stolen on the 10th of this month. About 60 meters were cut by thiefs. On that day, the house wires of Yunus Munsi and Shimals, residents of the same area, were also stolen. Now every day there is a case of stealing power wires from some house.

He said that he has lodged a written complaint to the Police Station.

Retired district education officer Monibur Rahman, a resident of TNT Para area of Sajjankanda, said that three months ago the power connection wires of his house was cut by a thief at night. Another time his house’s power connection wire was stolen earlier. That is to say, his house’s power connection wires were stolen twice. He also complained to the Police Station in connection with this incident.

An employee of Rajbari Power Development Board (PDB), who did not wish to be named, said that last week they connected about 20 to 30 houses in the town. Thieves are cutting 3/4 feet away from the base of the meter and the main line of the electricity pillar in each house of the thief. Those who are stealing are professionals.

Because they are cutting those taking the risk when there is electricity connection.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Rajbari Sadar Police Station Md. Shahadat Hossain said, “I have often heard that the electric cables of houses in different areas of the town are being stolen. Many have complained to the police in this regard. We are investigating the matter”.

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