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Friday, December 1, 2023

Aamir Dalvi set to portray the enigmatic character, ‘Satya’, in Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Dabangii..Mulgii aayi re aayi


Known for its enthralling dramas and iconic characters, Sony Entertainment Television is all set to introduce viewers to ‘Arya Dabangii’, a fiery and spirited young girl in its upcoming fiction show, ‘Dabangii..Mulgii aayi re aayi’.

On a quest to find and unite with her father, who she believes is a super cop, Arya, unbeknownst to her true heritage, is in fact the daughter of the enigmatic Satya.

An amoral goon who will achieve his goal of being wealthy and wielding power by any means necessary, Satya is the classic anti-hero.

Aamir Dalvi, a distinguished figure in the entertainment industry, has consistently dazzled audiences with his exceptional performances over the course of his career and in this show, he will assume the role of the flamboyant and charismatic Satya.

Speaking about this formidable character and his relentless desire for domination, Aamir Dalvi said, “I am so excited about playing this role; Satya is an exceptionally astute individual who possess an extraordinary acumen for financial matters.

He excels at amassing wealth and achieving fame, all while maintaining a web of intricate schemes.

Satya embodies the essence of a morally gray character.

His concept of self-love is unique, focusing primarily on his own well-being.

He will stop at nothing to secure his own happiness and self-satisfaction, constantly nurturing his ego and propelling himself forward.

In real life, our perception can shift from being a hero in one person’s story to a villain in another’s and that’s what I am most excited about with this part.”

Aamir further adds, saying, “I’ve had the opportunity to portray morally ambiguous characters before, and they are truly fascinating to bring to life because they aren’t confined to simple definitions of good or bad.

I firmly believe that every scene, as an artist, resonates differently depending on one’s frame of mind, the time of day, and one’s capacity to evaluate, observe, and extract nuances from it.

I continually integrate these insights into my creative process, constantly evolving my craft.

Although the character goes by the name Satya, his truth is complex and profound.”

“Dabangii..Mulgii aayi re aayi” pledges to unravel hidden secrets and intricate relationships in the journey of a daughter’s quest to uncover the truth about her father.

With Aamir Dalvi as Satya, viewers can anticipate a captivating storyline brimming with suspense, drama, and heartfelt emotion.

“Dabangii..Mulgii aayi re aayi” coming soon only on Sony Entertainment Television!


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