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Administrative apathy leaves Dharmanagar residents struggling for Aadhaar services


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 7th February 2024:   Despite the closure of the Aadhaar office at Dharmanagar for an extended period, residents are facing significant challenges with no alternative arrangements in place. The administration’s failure to address the issue has left citizens in a precarious situation, with only one Aadhaar worker currently managing the workload.

Previously staffed by three workers, the Aadhaar office in Dharmanagar is now operating with minimal manpower, causing severe delays and inconvenience for locals. The administration’s response to concerns about the absence of Aadhaar workers or those on prolonged sick leave has left many questioning the commitment to providing essential services.

The sub-divisional Magistrate, when approached about the matter, cited the unavailability of Aadhaar workers from other sub-divisions as a significant hurdle. However, citizens argue that during instances of good governance, Aadhaar workers from different sub-divisions have been deployed to address similar issues.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, residents highlight the need for urgent intervention to streamline Aadhaar services in the region. Many individuals from nearby villages, spanning 20-25 kilometers, are compelled to travel to the distant Aadhaar section due to the lack of services in Dharmanagar.

The SDM’s response, pointing to the involvement of the District Magistrate (DM), has further fueled public discontent. Critics argue that if officials from other sub-divisions could assist during periods of good governance, the same practice should be implemented to ensure uninterrupted services in Dharmanagar.

Protests have erupted in front of the Aadhaar office in Kadmatla, where citizens have been denied proper Aadhaar services. The SDM’s attempt to shift responsibility has only intensified public frustration. With employees reportedly arriving late without any accountability, the overall decline in administrative efficiency has added to the public’s grievances.

As residents continue to face challenges on multiple fronts, there is a growing sense of disillusionment with the administration’s ability to uphold its responsibility. The closure of a crucial office in the SDM’s jurisdiction raises questions about the prioritization of public services and the effective exercise of administrative power.

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