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Aggrieved residents block road at East Machli, demand resolution as electricity and water woes escalate


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 29, 2023: A road blockade demanding access to clean water has disrupted normalcy in the East Machli area of the Longtharai Valley subdivision. The incident is a culmination of mounting frustration among residents who have endured a persistent lack of access to water for the past month.

The crux of the issue lies in a malfunctioning water supply system, which, according to residents, has remained broken for an entire month. Even after authorities were informed of the problem, a temporary solution proved short-lived as the newly installed machine suffered a breakdown just a day later. Regrettably, the machine has not been repaired since, leaving the community in dire straits.

Residents, aggrieved by both the inefficiencies of the electricity department and the water department’s apparent disregard for their plight, took a drastic step today. They initiated a road blockade spanning from Manu to Shibbari to Kanchanpur in an effort to draw attention to their grievances.

The road blockade resulted in a significant disruption, with numerous vehicles stranded on both sides of the road. Despite police intervention, the protestors remained steadfast in their demand for a prompt and effective resolution to the water crisis that has plagued their community for far too long.

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