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Allegation of embezzlement rocks Panisagar Sub-Post Office: MD Purbi Nath under scrutiny


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 13th May 2024 : A scandal has erupted at the Panisagar Sub-Post Office, where MD Purbi Nath stands accused of embezzling Rs 15 lakh. Allegations surfaced indicating that Nath, entrusted with the responsibilities at the West Panisagar Sub Post Office failed to deposit customers’ funds over an extended period exploiting their trust and simplicity.

“Purvi Nath took advantage of people’s simplicity and faith, failing to uphold the integrity expected of the position,” stated a source familiar with the investigation.

The situation worsened as numerous customers found their passbooks missing upon visiting the post office, leaving them empty-handed and deprived of their hard-earned money. Concerns mount that if this pattern continues and more customers fall victim to the alleged malpractice, chaos could ensue in the area.

Acting branch manager of the West Panisagar Post Office Tina Dey shed light on the growing suspicions surrounding Nath’s conduct. “Since assuming office on May 23, I’ve been inundated with complaints regarding MD Purvi Nath’s behavior,” Dey revealed. “Furthermore, Nath allegedly went as far as forging my signature for official purposes.”

Dey wasted no time in escalating the matter promptly filing a written report to higher authorities seeking swift intervention and justice for the affected customers.

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