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Allegations of security guard misconduct raise concerns at IGM Hospital


By TC News Desk

Agartala, September 02, 2023: Allegations of misconduct by security guards at IGM Hospital have sparked outrage and concerns over the deteriorating situation at the healthcare facility. Reports indicate that a group of security guards has allegedly created a climate of fear and intimidation within the hospital, leaving patients and their families feeling vulnerable.

The troubling incidents range from incidents of eye-poking to physical altercations with patient’s families. The most recent incident involved an alleged assault on the family members of a patient at the second referral hospital.

IGM Hospital, which employs approximately a hundred security guards, has become a place where patients and their families must weigh the risks of seeking medical care against potential encounters with aggressive security personnel.

Despite previous complaints against the security guards at IGM Hospital, no decisive action has been taken to address the issue. This lack of intervention has allowed the situation to persist and escalate.

The incident took place on a Saturday when security guards reportedly assaulted two members of a patient’s family. The victims, residents of the Shanmura area, had admitted a pregnant family member to IGM Hospital for delivery. When the patient’s condition deteriorated on Saturday morning, hospital staff called for additional family members to be present.

However, the situation took a distressing turn when a group of 4-5 female security guards followed the family members to the ward and demanded they vacate the area. Despite a doctor’s reassurance that the presence of the patient’s family was essential due to the critical condition, the security guards allegedly used offensive language toward the family.

As tensions escalated, more security guards were summoned from the ground floor, and an altercation ensued. One family member, along with her husband Abhijit Das, was reportedly subjected to physical assault by the security guards, who also attempted to confiscate the family’s gold ornaments.

Following the ordeal, the victimized family members promptly filed a complaint at the West Mahila police station. However, their expectations of a swift response from the authorities were not met.

Frustration has been mounting among the public due to the perceived apathy of the government in addressing such issues. Similar incidents have occurred in various hospitals, including GB Hospital and IGM Hospital, as a consequence of inadequate actions against private security guard agencies.

While security guards are expected to provide support to patients’ families, concerns have arisen over a perceived “mafia rule” established by some security personnel within IGM Hospital. Hospital authorities and the government are now under pressure to address this disturbing trend and ensure that individuals seeking healthcare services are met with safety and dignity.

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