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Amra Bangali party demand prevention of displaced families in Panisagar


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 15th May 2024:   Altogether 51 Bengali families have sought shelter in the depths of Pekuacherra forest in the Panisagar sub-division, fearing eviction from their homes. Allegations of coercion and threats from local authorities have spurred outrage, with Amra Bangali State Committee condemning what they describe as “inhuman and merciless behavior” by the administration under the BJP-led government.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, secretary of Amra Bangali party Gouranga Rudrapal shed light on the plight of the displaced families. According to Rudrapal, 217 Bengali families from 51 villages in Kanchanpur sub-division have taken refuge in Pekuacherra village, only to face imminent eviction pressures from law enforcement and government authorities.

“The administration’s silence on the plight of tribal families residing in other parts of the forest stands in stark contrast to their relentless efforts to uproot Bengali families,” Rudrapal remarked, accusing the government of pursuing discriminatory policies against both Bengali and tribal communities.

The Amra Bangali state committee has voiced its opposition to the administration’s actions, demanding immediate intervention to safeguard the rights and well-being of the displaced families. Their six-point demand to the government includes provisions to prevent the eviction of Bengali families without suitable alternative arrangements, as well as urgent aid for essentials such as food, water, medicine, and housing construction.

Furthermore, the Committee has called for justice for Bengali families affected by historical violence, dating back to the June 1980 massacre, urging comprehensive compensation and resettlement measures to ensure their security and stability.

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