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Arrest of Pakistani youth sparks controversy in Sabroom sub-division


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 20th April 2024:    The arrest of a Pakistani youth in Sabroom has sent shockwaves through the local community, prompting concerns and speculation. Identified as Ayan Alam, also known as Al Amin, the young man, originally from Karachi, Pakistan, was spotted by residents wandering in the vicinity of Sabroom police station on Friday afternoon.

Upon receiving reports from locals, authorities swiftly moved to apprehend Alam and brought him to the police station for questioning. During interrogation, Alam disclosed his origins, revealing that he was born in Karachi, Pakistan, but had been residing with his father in Bangladesh. He confessed to illegally traveling to Delhi, India, for employment, with intentions to reunite with his mother in Pakistan after a few months of work. However, his attempts to cross the border were unsuccessful, leading to his arrest by Delhi Police and subsequent detention for a month before eventually making his way to the border of Sabroom, Tripura.

Following his detention on Friday afternoon, authorities conducted further inquiries, and it was disclosed by the Sabrum sub-divisional police officer during a briefing with reporters on Friday night that Alam remains under custody and is undergoing interrogation. A case has been registered against him, with plans to seek police remand on Saturday to delve deeper into the matter.

The arrest, coinciding with the Lok Sabha elections in the West constituency of Tripura state, has heightened tensions and speculation across the region. Authorities have assured a thorough investigation to ascertain the truth behind Alam’s activities and background.

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