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INDI Alliance emerges as formidable contender against BJP in Lok Sabha elections : Jitendra


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 20th April 2024:  CPIM state secretary Jitendra Chaudhury rallied support for the INDI Alliance, denouncing the BJP’s electoral practices and advocating for a united front against the ruling party. With the backdrop of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Chaudhury’s remarks shed light on the growing discontent among a significant portion of the electorate.

In a fervent address at a gathering in Dharmanagar on Saturday, Chaudhury’s assertions were underscored by striking statistics. He highlighted that in 2019, despite the BJP securing 38% of the votes, a staggering 62% of the populace opposed them, signaling a profound fragmentation within the nation. However, he pointed out a notable shift in the current political landscape, emphasizing that this time around, 62% of the people stand united against the BJP.

The CPIM leader revealed that in approximately 4500 Lok Sabha constituencies across the country, candidates from the Patriotic Alliance are poised to challenge the BJP’s dominance, echoing the sentiment of disapproval that reverberates nationwide.

Of particular concern to Chaudhury was the issue of electoral bonds, which he vehemently criticized. He traced the contentious history of the electoral bond system, enacted by the BJP government in 2017, and highlighted the recent landmark ruling by the Supreme Court on February 15, 2024, declaring the bonds illegal. Chaudhury alleged that the BJP had misappropriated funds obtained through electoral bonds, financing the construction of party infrastructure across the nation, including district offices.

Further stoking the fire of dissent, Chaudhury questioned the selective scrutiny of political figures, juxtaposing the arrest of the Chief Minister of Delhi with the apparent immunity enjoyed by the All India President of the BJP. Allegations of rampant misuse of electoral funds were compounded by accusations of cronyism, with Chaudhury accusing the Prime Minister of prioritizing corporate interests over those of the common populace.

In response to these grievances, Chaudhury announced the formation of the India Alliance, a coalition comprising 27 political parties united in their resolve to challenge the BJP’s grip on power. The meeting in Dharmanagar saw a confluence of political figures, including CPIM state committee member Pabitra Kar and Congress leader Chayan Bhattacharya, lending credence to the growing momentum of the opposition movement.

Prior to the gathering, a massive procession traversed the streets of Dharmanagar, symbolizing the burgeoning support for the INDI Alliance. The palpable presence of activists and supporters from both the Congress and CPIM served as a poignant reminder of the broad-based discontentment with the incumbent regime.

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