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Baikhora police station’s successful crackdown on drugs and gambling


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, December 15: In a significant stride towards achieving the state government’s vision of a drug-free Tripura, the Baikhora police station, under the leadership of Officer-in-Charge (OC) Vishnu Chandra Das, has demonstrated commendable success in recent anti-drug and anti-gambling operations.

Driven by the state government’s commitment to eradicating drug-related issues, OC Vishnu Chandra Das has been actively spearheading continuous anti-drug operations. The dedicated efforts of the OC have yielded positive outcomes, contributing to the broader objective of creating a drug-free environment in Tripura.

Simultaneously, OC Vishnu Chandra Das has undertaken initiatives to shield various segments of society, particularly the youth, from the detrimental effects of gambling. In a recent operation, Baikhora Thana Police, led by OC Vishnu Chandra Das, achieved noteworthy success in anti-drug and anti-gambling activities through targeted raids in different locations within the Baikhora police station area.

As a result of well-coordinated tip-off operations, the police were able to apprehend drug dealers and individuals involved in gambling activities, confiscating relevant materials. The Baikhora police station has formally filed cases against the arrested individuals, ensuring legal consequences for their actions.

The proactive measures taken by Baikhora police station have garnered appreciation from the local community, with residents expressing satisfaction and support for such operations. The success of these initiatives reflects the commitment of law enforcement to maintain public safety and uphold the government’s vision for a drug-free and socially responsible Tripura.

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