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Biplab Deb warns voters against CPIM’s confusing poll promises


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 21st April 2024:  Former Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha MP, Biplab Kumar Deb, intensified his campaign efforts in the Naisingpara of Kanchanpur, underscoring the importance of awareness regarding the historical actions of communism.

Speaking fervently, Deb emphasized the necessity of educating every citizen about the past deeds of communists and urged the populace to align their thoughts towards progress and advancement.

“This election is not a trivial one,” asserted Deb, highlighting its significance in securing a third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and propelling the nation forward. Deb lauded Modi’s commitment to Tripura’s development, citing a significant allocation of one lakh crore rupees over the last decade, contrasting it with the comparatively meager sum provided by the previous UPA government.

“Under Narendra Modi’s leadership, we’ve witnessed substantial strides in infrastructure, water supply, and housing,” Deb proclaimed, cautioning against a regression should Modi not secure a third term. Critiquing the erstwhile communist reign in Tripura, Deb warned against falling for false promises and reiterated the necessity of supporting Modi’s administration for continued progress.

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