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Biplab Kumar Deb leads election rally at Bagbasa urging voters to reject arrogance and embrace development


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 20th April 2024:   In a fervent call to action, former Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb lead a passionate rally in Bagbasa on Saturday, rallying support for BJP’s nominated candidate Kriti Singh Debbarma, in the upcoming East Tripura Lok Sabha elections. Deb’s address resonated with a resolute determination to bid farewell to decades of communist rule in Tripura, citing a dire need for progress and development.

Deb’s scathing critique targeted the arrogance and complacency of the erstwhile communist leadership, particularly highlighting the lingering pride of former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, a member of the CPM Politburo. Despite the party’s ousting from power, Sarkar’s demeanor continues to reflect an air of entitlement, which, according to Deb, contributed to Tripura’s stagnation and decline.

The rally echoed sentiments of disillusionment with the communist regime’s lack of empathy and action towards the aspirations of Tripura’s populace during their prolonged 25-year tenure. Accused of prioritizing personal interests over public welfare, the communist leaders faced allegations of neglecting crucial developmental initiatives, fueling a growing discontent among the electorate.

Deb’s fervor peaked as he lambasted Sarkar’s audacious claims of perpetuating communist rule for a century, a prophecy shattered by the resounding defeat suffered by the CPM in 2018. The Chief Minister’s rebuke extended beyond the state’s borders, criticizing Sarkar’s advocacy for an “India Manch” as an absurdity, devoid of alignment with the CPM’s electoral agenda.

Furthermore, Deb shed light on the turbulent history of political violence under communist rule, lamenting the loss of countless lives, including Congress workers, to election-related terrorism. In a surprising turn, Deb noted a newfound camaraderie between the Congress and CPM, urging voters to scrutinize this alliance skeptically.

As the rally reached its climax, Deb urged voters to cast aside the shadows of the past and embrace a future of prosperity and growth under BJP’s leadership. Drawing attention to the advanced age of Sarkar, who reportedly resorted to hand-sign voting due to physical limitations, Deb underscored the urgency of ushering in a new era for Tripura.

In a rallying cry echoing across the region, Deb implored the electorate to deliver a decisive victory for BJP’s nominee, Kriti Singh Debbarma, in the forthcoming East Tripura Lok Sabha elections. The stage is set for a seismic shift in Tripura’s political landscape, as the call for change reverberates through the state, marking a definitive turning point in its history.

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