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BJP Government  stands against divisive politics, violence; CM assures swift consequences for offenders


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 12th December 2023: Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha asserted today that the current BJP government in Tripura unequivocally condemns violence and affirmed that those involved in activities disrupting the state’s development will face strict consequences.

Speaking at an organizational program in Kalyanpur, Khowai District, Dr. Saha criticized the CPIM and Congress, alleging that both parties have a history of engaging in divisive politics and causing suffering during their respective rule.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has liberated us from the oppression of CPIM. The people reposed their trust in the BJP government, while Congress aligned itself with CPIM, resulting in a loss of support. In the last assembly election, I cautioned three MLAs about their actions, citing the unfortunate incident of 26 people being killed in Kalyanpur under Khowai District. It was indeed a lamentable situation,” Dr. Saha remarked. He also rebuked Congress for polluting the state legislative assembly but highlighted that individuals advocating for citizens and enacting laws are now present in the Assembly.

“We have observed their politics, where flags of CPIM are found in the Congress Bhawan, and Congress flags are seen in the CPIM party office. Post-elections, we witnessed instances of violence, including killings, rapes, and house burnings. Congress has been associated with disorderly conduct. Nevertheless, the people have distanced themselves from Congress and embraced the BJP, recognizing that Congress cannot achieve anything. BJP firmly rejects terrorism. During municipal elections, even the TMC participated, and no untoward incidents occurred. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is our guardian, ensuring progress and working for the people. We are committed to delivering benefits to the people, in stark contrast to those who engage in divisive politics,” he stated.

Dr. Saha further accused CPIM and Congress of causing significant harm to the state through slogans like “Zindabaad Zindabaad.””All factories closed, skilled workers left the state. However, the people are not naive. In Kalyanpur, 26 people lost their lives due to violence, and the public responded through the ballot. This election marked the first instance without violence. People cannot be won over through acts of murder, rape, or violence. Where CPIM has held sway, there has only been violence and hatred. We do not endorse any form of violence, and those involved will not be spared. Our vision is for a beautiful and developed Tripura,” he concluded.

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