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Bomb blast injures 2 children near Badharghat Sports Stadium


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, May 06, 2023: How did the bomb explode in the abandoned house for the workers of Badarghat Stadium? Where did the bomb come from? That means there are bombs stored in these abandoned houses or miscreants have built bomb factories. Badharghat Stadium has been occupied by anti-social and drug dealers for many years. Earlier, the people of the area informed the police several times. At night you can hear the noise from the stadium. Many times incidents of violence also happen. The stadium has been vandalized several times. Even then, there is no such surveillance by the police. The complaint of the people of the area is that the anti-socials have turned the abandoned house into a factory for making bombs. And two children are fighting with death due to serious injuries in the bomb blast.

Two children named Abhi Das and Deep Das went to play at the stadium on a Friday afternoon like other day. They noticed that there was something behind the string barrier. It explodes when they shake hands. Abhi Das’ finger is blown off. He was injured in the face. Deep Das is also seriously injured. Abhi is in 8th standard at Kabiraj Tilla School and Deep in 6th standard. They both live with their parents in a rented house of Shipra Saha, adjacent to the stadium. SDPO Ashish Dasgupta said that one of them lives in Gauranga Bazar of Belonia, while the other lives in Anandanagar. Deep’s father Sadhan Das works in a salon and a very poor family. On the other hand, Abhi’s father Krishna Das passed away long ago. Mother Lakshmi Das started screaming on hearing the news. The bomb squad later recovered another bomb and bomb-making equipment.

Temporary houses were constructed for the laborers required to make the synthetic turf at the Badharghat Stadium. The houses have been lying abandoned since last January after the workers left. And these abandoned houses are being used by the new mafia. The police recovered the twine from the abandoned house. In the afternoon, officials including the Superintendent of Police visited the scene.

After the last assembly polls, the common people were terrified by bomb blasts one after the other in nearby areas including Matripalli, Sripalli, Ichabazar, etc.

In the area, it can be heard that in the last four years, the common people are sighing at the violence of the mafia that has flourished in the past four years. Common people thought that the new MLA Mina Rani Sarkar will take action against the new mafia. But on the contrary, mafias like Shubhra and Balu have spread their branches and caused panic. Now Sripalli, Badharghat Stadium has turned into a den of mafia, anti-social elements. Roshan Mia, one of the accused in the murder of BJP leader Biswajit of Milanchakra Adarsh Palli, is now playing the role of a mafia boss.

After the counting of votes on March 02 last, subscription notices were served in at least thirty to thirty-five houses across Ichabazar, Sri Palli, Dukli etc. Extortion is being collected under the leadership of new BJP leaders Gautam, Debashish, Abhi. It is alleged that those who worked for the opposition party during the polls, canvassed from house to house, were targeted and handed over notices of extortion. It is alleged that those involved in extortion and mafia have made the abandoned house of the stadium a factory for making bombs.

Police said the incident is under investigation. A list of who is coming to the stadium is being prepared. The police are interrogating the stewards and workers of the stadium.

However, according to reliable sources, former MLA Mimi Majumder’s car driver Shubra, led by the newly emerging mafia Bulu, Kudu, has turned the abandoned house into a bomb-making factory to terrorize the people. Now let’s see what role the police take.

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