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CM Dr Manik Saha stresses commitment and time as keys to health sector development


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, September 12, 2023: Chief Minister Prof Dr. Manik Saha emphasized on Tuesday that the development of healthcare facilities and the well-being of the general public can be achieved when doctors and healthcare staff are dedicated and have the necessary time available.

Addressing the blood donation camp organized by Agartala Government Medical College and Healthcare workers of GBP Hospital here on Tuesday morning, Dr. Saha emphasized the preciousness of blood as a divine gift, highlighting that despite significant advancements in science, there remains no substitute for blood. He underscored the role of God’s arrangement in this, noting that blood donation fosters a sense of empathy and responsibility towards others.

Dr. Saha urged people to work for the betterment of society, reflecting on the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who promoted the idea of “One Earth, One Family, One Future.”

He spoke about the unity and camaraderie among healthcare professionals from various disciplines, emphasizing the equality of all individuals regardless of their backgrounds. Dr. Saha stressed that humanity transcends all other beliefs and that blood donation exemplifies this, dispelling misconceptions about religious restrictions on blood donation. He pointed out that when donating or receiving blood, people are unaware of each other’s backgrounds, yet they feel a profound sense of pride. He called for the development of a society where such equality and unity prevail, fostering a beautiful and harmonious community.

Dr Saha also said “Three investors have come to Tripura with the intention of establishing medical colleges in the state. Tripura has secured a strong and stable position within India, making it an attractive destination for investors in various sectors. Moreover, investors in other fields are expressing interest in the state and seeking land or logistical support. As a result, we are working towards the goals of ‘Ek Tripura Shrestha Tripura’ and ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’.”

Chief Minister expressed concern about instances where patient parties display aggression towards doctors and healthcare workers. He addressed this issue by questioning why people would demonstrate arrogance towards medical professionals, who are responsible for issuing both birth and death certificates.

Furthermore, when Dr. Saha listens to the problems of ordinary citizens, he observes that a significant majority, approximately 99 percent, relate to healthcare issues. In response to this, the government has initiated a program to cover the 4.75 lakh individuals who were previously excluded from Ayushman Bharat under the Jana Arogya Yojana, with a budget allocation of Rs 59 crore.

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