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Dispute over Agar plants sale leads to police intervention at Kadamtala


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 15th May 2024:  The quiet village of Baragol has become the center of a heated dispute involving the sale of agar plants, leading to a scandal that has shaken the local community. The incident took place in the Jolai Basa area under Kadamtala police station in North district, has resulted in a case being filed amidst rising tensions.

Several years back, Abdul Haque, a resident of the Jolai Basa area in Ward No. 5 of Baragol Gram Panchayat sold ten agar plants to his neighbor Altab Hossain. This transaction has now spiraled into a full-blown conflict, with Hossain claiming he purchased ninety-three plants, leading to a counter-case at the Kadamtala police station. Despite numerous attempts to resolve the issue through village arbitration meetings, the dispute remained unresolved.

A recent reconciliation meeting, facilitated by the Kadamtala police and attended by local leaders, concluded with a decision to award twelve agar plants to Hossain. However, the agreement fell through when Hossain, initially in agreement, later reneged on the deal. The situation escalated when Hossain and a group forcibly entered Haque’s property on Sunday morning, locking the occupants inside and commencing the felling of trees in the agar garden.

Fatima Begum, Haque’s wife recounted their harrowing escape through the back door and subsequent refuge at the Kadamtala police station. The police responded promptly, securing a portion of the already cut agar plants and later confiscating the remainder from the scene. Begum alleges that 55 trees were cut valuing the loss at Rs 20 lakh.

In response to the incident, Abdul Haque has lodged a formal complaint against four individuals, including Altab Hossain with the Kadamtala Police Station. The complaint extended to the Dharmanagar Sub-Divisional Police Officer and the District Superintendent of Police, accuses the men of various offenses under sections 448, 325, 354, 427 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. The local forest department has also been notified in writing.

The community is calling for a thorough police investigation to determine rightful ownership of the cut agar trees. Sub-Inspector Sanjib Sarkar, the investigating officer, confirmed that a case has been registered and an investigation is underway, though no arrests have been made to date.

Altab Hossain, defending his actions, insists that the Haque family sold the agar plants in stages and at a fair price. He accuses them of deceit and claims similar disputes have occurred with others. Hossain is adamant that a proper police investigation will bring clarity and resolution to the matter.

The incident has raised concerns among the villagers, who are eager for a just resolution that respects the rights of all parties involved. The case continues to reveal as the Kadamtala police delve deeper into the circumstances of this unusual and distressing dispute.

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