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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Electric pole bent, ‘Sai Computer’ Limited reluctant to intiate step: Kailashahahar Councillor forced to complain


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 06, 2023: The residents of Kailashahar sub-division in Tripura have been facing issues with the electricity service provided by “Sai Computer” Limited, a private company. Despite repeated complaints from local residents, no action has been taken to improve the situation. Sikkim Sinha, the ruling party leader and councilor of Ward No. 17 in Kailashahar Municipal Council, has now publicly criticized the company for its negligence.

According to Sinha, ever since “Sai Computer” Limited took charge of the electricity service in Kailashahar sub-division three years ago, the quality of service has deteriorated. In particular, there have been reports of bent electric poles and hanging wires in the East Durgapur area of Ward No. 17. This poses a risk to pedestrians, and despite several complaints, the company has failed to address the issue.

Frustrated by the company’s lack of response, local residents reached out to Councilor Sikkim Sinha for assistance. Sinha promptly contacted the officials of “Sai Computer” Limited and demanded immediate action. The company has been given a two-day deadline to rectify the bent electric poles and ensure the safety of the residents. Councilor Sinha warned that if the issue remains unresolved, further action will be taken against the company.

The local community is outraged by the negligence displayed by “Sai Computer” Limited. The residents have expressed their anger and dissatisfaction with the company’s poor service and lack of responsiveness.

Efforts are now underway to ensure that the electric poles are repaired promptly and the electricity service in Kailashahar sub-division is restored to its proper functioning. The residents are eagerly awaiting the company’s response within the given timeframe, hoping for a swift resolution to the issue.

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