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Fire ravages four shops near old petrol pump in Santirbazar


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, September 04, 2023: In a late-night incident, a devastating fire engulfed four shops adjacent to the old petrol pump in Santirbazar, sending shockwaves through the local community. Prompt action by the Santirbazar fire brigade averted a potential disaster.

Eyewitnesses reported that on Sunday night, residents of Santirbazar noticed flames consuming a bookstore near the aging petrol pump facility. Swiftly, they alerted the Shantir Bazar fire brigade, whose rapid response prevented the blaze from spreading further.

The heroic efforts of firefighters managed to bring the fire under control, but not without substantial damage. Tragically, most of the bookshops in the area fell victim to the inferno, raising concerns about the loss of valuable literature and merchandise.

Had the fire brigade not acted promptly, the situation could have escalated into a major catastrophe, as the petrol pump was situated at a considerable distance from the blaze’s epicenter. The vigilant actions of the fire brigade personnel undoubtedly saved Santirbazar from potential disaster.

However, this brave response was not without sacrifice, as two firefighters sustained injuries while battling the flames. Their dedication to protecting the community remains commendable.

Preliminary estimates suggest that the fire resulted in losses exceeding 10 lakh rupees, although the exact cause of the blaze remains a mystery. Santirbazar police station has initiated an investigation to uncover the source of the fire, shedding light on this unfortunate incident that has left the community in shock.

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