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Forward Bloc extends support to INDI Alliance to counter alleged dictatorship and autocracy under Modi government


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 15th April 2024:  The Convener of the All India Forward Bloc, Tripura, Paresh Chandra Sarkar voiced concerns over what the organization perceives as increasing authoritarianism and erosion of democratic values during the past decade of the Modi government’s rule.

In a press conference held at the Agartala Press Club, Sarkar highlighted the alleged corruption within investigative agencies such as the ED and CBI, attributing it to the leadership of Modi and Shah.

Under the banner of the INDIA Bloc, a coalition of anti-BJP political parties has emerged, aiming to consolidate opposition votes and challenge the ruling party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The formation of this coalition reflects growing apprehensions regarding the state of democracy and governance in the country, with concerns raised about threats to secularism, fiscal sovereignty, social justice, and the federal structure.

Sarkar emphasized the need to defeat the BJP to safeguard democratic principles and protect the interests of the populace, citing rising prices of essential commodities, unemployment, and aggressive privatization policies as key issues.

The All India Forward Bloc Tripura Branch urged voters to support candidates endorsed by the INDIA Bloc, including Asish Kumar Saha of the Congress Party for the West Tripura Lok Sabha seat and Rajendra Reang of the CPI(M) for the East Tripura seat. Additionally, the organization called for backing CPI(M) candidate Rajendra Reang over INDIA Bloc-supported Ratan Das in the Ramnagar assembly constituency’s by-election.

With the Lok Sabha elections looming, political tensions are high as parties position themselves in what is anticipated to be a closely contested battle for power. Despite Prime Minister Modi’s assertions of overwhelming electoral success, critics remain skeptical, suggesting a potential shift in the political scenario.

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