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Healthcare crisis unfolds in Kanchanpur Hospital


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 17th March 2024: In a dire revelation, the Kanchanpur Sub-Division Hospital is grappling with severe medical inadequacies, leaving the local populace in distress. Reports emerge of pregnant mothers being denied proper care, with several forced to give birth in ambulances en route to the Dharmanagar District Hospital. Shockingly, ten such births have occurred under the care of male nurses, sparking widespread outrage across the state.

The situation exacerbates with outbreaks of fever, eye diseases, and water-borne illnesses ravaging the region. Despite the alarming health crisis, the sub-district hospital is severely understaffed, housing only seven doctors, most of whom are frequently absent. This critical shortage has rendered medical services ineffective, leaving communities vulnerable and devoid of essential care.

Furthermore, primary health centers in Laljuri, Anandabazar, and Dasada are also understaffed, with minimal doctor presence exacerbating the plight of thousands reliant on these facilities. Desperate locals, unable to access adequate healthcare, resort to selling assets or seeking treatment across the border in Assam’s Silchar and Makunda Missionary Hospitals.

The dire situation underscores a systemic failure in healthcare provision, with the absence of doctors and mismanagement contributing to the breakdown of essential services. Approximately one and a half lakh people in the Kanchanpur subdivision depend on the sub-district hospital, yet the current staffing levels are woefully inadequate to meet their needs.

As grievances mount and public outcry intensifies, urgent intervention is imperative to address the healthcare crisis engulfing Kanchanpur. Authorities are urged to prioritize the deployment of medical personnel and resources to alleviate suffering and prevent further loss of life in the beleaguered region.

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