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Hezamara’s elderly women stage protest demanding long-overdue social allowances


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 04: A heart-wrenching protest unfolded in Hezamara on Friday, as hundreds of elderly women took to the streets, demanding their long-overdue social benefits. With tears in their eyes and desperation in their voices, these elderly women blocked the main road, seeking attention to their plight.

The primary grievance echoed by the protesters was the non-disbursement of social allowances for the past three months. As a result, they not only endured financial hardships but also faced difficulties in affording essential necessities such as food and medicines.

The protest garnered attention from concerned authorities, and a delegation of the elderly women later submitted a deputation to the Child Development Project Officer (CDPO). The CDPO empathetically acknowledged the issue, attributing the delay to technical glitches in the disbursement portal.

Assuring swift action, the CDPO vowed to resolve the problem within the coming week. He further promised that the full amount of the allowances, along with any outstanding dues, would be promptly credited to their accounts. The assurance brought a sense of relief and hope to the elderly protesters, who returned home with smiles on their faces.

The road blockade caused a significant traffic jam, inconveniencing commuters in the area. However, the protesters’ determination and the subsequent assurances from authorities eventually paved the way for a resolution to their predicament.

As the week progresses, the elderly women in Hezamara eagerly anticipate the much-needed social allowances, knowing that their perseverance and collective action have succeeded in drawing attention to their situation.

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