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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Innovative twist to Kamalpur Yuva Samaj Club’s Durga Puja celebration with female dhaakis


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, October 17, 2023: Yuva Samaj Club in Kamalpur has injected a delightful dose of innovation into this year’s Durga Puja festivities, promising a unique and spirited celebration. In a break from tradition, the upcoming puja will feature dance rhythms orchestrated by seven female ‘dhaakis’ and three male ‘dhaakis.’ The dynamic beats of the ‘dhaak’ are set to resonate throughout the area as men and women of the community enthusiastically join in the rhythmic revelry.

The seven female ‘dhaakis’ and their three male counterparts are poised to infuse Matri Aradhana with a pulsating energy, amplifying the joy of the Durga Puja celebration. Kamalpur Yuva Samaj Club has long been associated with the revered Matri Aradhana, consistently introducing novel elements to their annual puja festivities.

In a notable development, the club’s organizers have entrusted the responsibility of orchestrating the mesmerizing ‘dhak’ beats during the puja to the Mohini Kaharba Dhaka Society of Kolkata. A team comprising seven women and three men ‘dhaakis’ from this renowned society has made their maiden appearance in the state, generating considerable excitement.

The club is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a grand and memorable celebration. A South Indian-style ‘mandap’ is currently under construction for this significant, Rs 12 lakh budgeted puja. The skilled hands of potter Ranjit Bhattacharya are meticulously crafting the idol, as the final touches are being artfully applied.

The arrival of the female ‘dhaakis’ has already set the stage for a mesmerizing puja experience. Onlookers were moved by the enchanting rhythms of the ‘dhaak’ on the second night, drawing crowds to the puja premises. The female ‘dhaakis’ have taken center stage, intensifying the jubilant atmosphere of the festivities.

Local residents have expressed their utmost satisfaction with the remarkable management of this year’s puja, which is replete with the innovation of women ‘dhaakis.’ As the celebrations unfold, the Kamalpur community eagerly anticipates the joyous days ahead.

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