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Panchayat Pradhan resgins over factional clashes in Srinagar


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, October 17, 2023:  In a tumultuous turn of events, Pradhan Bhajan Pal of Srinagar Gram Panchayat, under Dukli Block, tendered his resignation on Tuesday, citing prolonged factional conflicts within the ruling party.

Pal, a stalwart figure in local governance, handed over his resignation letter to Additional BDO Sushanta Dutta, highlighting a contentious 51-month tenure marked by development initiatives.

Trouble arose three months ago when a group within the party orchestrated a vote of no confidence against Pal, alleging misconduct. However, subsequent investigations deemed the accusations baseless, resulting in his reinstatement as chief. Despite his efforts to resume his duties, Pal found himself entangled in yet another conspiracy, prompting his decision to resign.

The ongoing power struggle within the local assembly constituency has reached critical levels, with longstanding clan conflicts exacerbating the situation. The resignation of Dukli Block chairman, Ajay Das, who pointed fingers directly at the area’s top leader, further destabilized the ruling party’s foothold in the region. This internal strife has cast a shadow over the party’s unity, potentially leading to a significant schism.

Officials within the ruling party are struggling to maintain cohesion, as a series of resignations erodes the leadership structure. The area’s political landscape is on the precipice of a transformation, with the looming specter of party degradation. At the center of these events is the influential figure, Mahaguru, whose strategic maneuvers continue to shape the political trajectory of the region.

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