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JRBT Job Aspirants’ Hold protest as govt Delays Publication  of results


BY TC News Desk

Agartala: August 09. In a frustrating turn of events, the hopes of countless job-seeking youths have been once again dashed as the Joint Recruitment Board of Tripura (JRBT) fails to provide clarity on the much-awaited publication of the merit list for Group-C and Group-D recruitments.

With a staggering three-year-long wait, the department remains mired in uncertainty, leaving applicants disheartened and disenchanted.

Despite numerous inquiries and concerns raised, the JRBT has remained inactive, further exacerbating the frustrations of applicants who have been eagerly awaiting their opportunity for gainful employment. The office has witnessed its fair share of turmoil, with internal issues causing disruptions, but the crux of the delay remains shrouded in mystery.

The Group-C recruitment process commenced amid controversies prior to the assembly elections, resulting in a slew of concerns about transparency and fairness. Astonishingly, the announcement of results and the initiation of the Group-C recruitment process both transpired amidst the election season. However, the Group-D recruitment process remains trapped in limbo, leaving prospective candidates in an agonizing state of uncertainty.

Recently, desperate for answers and action, hopeful candidates visited the JRBT office, seeking information about the publication of the long-awaited merit list and the impending Group-D interview process. To their dismay, they were met with locked doors, and their frustration compelled them to appeal to the Chief Minister for intervention.

In a last-ditch effort to expedite the process, job aspirants pleaded with the Chief Minister to ensure the merit list’s release by Wednesday, August 10. They pointed out that the impending by-election notification for two assembly constituencies would invoke electoral conduct rules, potentially leading to further delays in the recruitment process.

Unfortunately, this latest attempt to gain clarity and closure ended in disappointment as applicants returned home without answers or assurances. The uncertainty continues to cast a pall over the aspirations of young job seekers, who remain caught in a seemingly interminable waiting game.

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